Várkanyar Vendéglő


Starter course

Eggplant cream with homemade garlic bread and fresh vegetables3390 Ft
Tenderloin carpaccio with arugula, homemade dressing, pine nuts, parmesan shavings3990 Ft
Beef tartare with homemade bread and garden vegetables4790 Ft
„Pannon” smoked delicacies with a selection of cheeses, fresh vegetables,  homemade bread 2 person5990 Ft
Cold duck liver in its fat with dpicy apple chutney, fresh vegetables and  homemade bread4990 Ft
Grilled camembert with crispy salads and tomato raspberry sauce3590 Ft


Meat soup with semolina dumplings1890 Ft
Beef soup with vegetables with fine-cut noodles2090 Ft
Goulash soup2390 Ft
Tarragon venison ragout with potato dumplings2490 Ft
Daily cream soup1890 Ft

Our home-made noodles

Pesto, tagliatelle with dried tomato, basil, parmesan shavings and pine nuts 3890 Ft
Gnocchi with creamy forest mushroom ragout and parmesan shavings 3890 Ft
Garlic spinach gnocchi with salmon cubes 5190 Ft
Tagliatelle with tomato sauce and grilled spicy tiger shrimp, parmesan shavings 5190 Ft


Whole fried trout with fresh salad and almond-buttered potatoes5590 Ft
Catfish paprikash with dill and cottage cheese dumplings5590 Ft
Salmon steak with fresh salad and wild rice with jasmine rice6390 Ft

Poultry dishes

Sous-vide chicken breast steak with rosemary butter, salad, wild rice with jasmine rice4790 Ft
Chicken breast stuffed with porcini, with cheese sauce, gnocchi and fresh parmesan shavings5190 Ft
Sous-vide duck breast with silky-smooth mashed potatoes and orange plum sauce6190 Ft
Confit duck leg with bacon and Brussels sprouts with fried potato balls and brown sauce5990 Ft

Pork dishes

Wiener schnitzel with parsley new potatoes4590 Ft
Sous-vide pork tenderloin with wild mushrooms, brown sauce and browned barrel-shaped potatoes5190 Ft
BBQ ribs with spicy steak potatoes and with fresh salad5790 Ft
Confit pork cheek with brown sauce and bread dumplings5590 Ft

Beef and game dishes

Beef stew with parsley dumplings 4790 Ft
Juniver venison ragout with bread dumplings and blueberry 5990 Ft
Sirloin strips with fried mushrooms, brown sauce, onions, spicy steak potatoes 8290 Ft
Sirloin steak with fresh salad leaves, herb butter, steak potatoes 8990 Ft
Rindersteak mit frischen Salatblättern, Kräuterbutter, Steakkartoffeln T-Bone Steak (450 g) with spicy potatoes and a bunch of fresh lettuce 13990 Ft
Optional sauces: green pepper sauce, brown sauce, garlic sauce, blue cheese sauce 850 Ft
Mayonnaise, ketchup, tartare sauce 350 Ft

Classic dishes

Pork Cordon Bleu with mixed side dish4790 Ft
“Trappista” cheese fried in breadcrumbs with steamed rice with tartar sauce3390 Ft

Kid's menu

Chicken breast fried in breadcrumbs with mashed potatoes2890 Ft
Spaghetti with basil-tomato sauce and grated cheese2590 Ft


Tomato salad990 Ft
Cabbage salad990 Ft
Cucumber salad with sour cream990 Ft
Sour pickles990 Ft
Homemade mixed salad (coleslaw, tomato, cucumber, -salads)990 Ft
Mixed pickles (apple pepper, cabbage, gherkins)990 Ft
Fresh mixed salad1490 Ft


“Várkanyar” tiramisu cream in a glass 1990 Ft
Cottage cheese dumplings with warm fruit ragout, sweet crumbs and sourcream 2290 Ft
Dark chocolate brownie with forest fruit ragout 2290 Ft
Chestnut cream with rum cherries in a glass 1990 Ft
Chocolate hazelnut paleo and vegan slice of cake (gluten-lactose-sugar-free) 1990 Ft


„As long as I was drinking regularly, I could remember everything, whether it happened or not.”


Martini Extra Dry1190 Ft 
Martini Bianco1190 Ft 
Aperol Spritz (8 cl Aperol + 8 cl Prosecco + 1,4 dl szóda) 1990 Ft


Bacardi Carta Blanca645 Ft1290 Ft
BUMBU Original995 Ft1990 Ft
Matusalem 10 Years995 Ft1990 Ft
Diplomatico Exclusive1195 Ft2390 Ft


2cl 4cl
Finlandia 695 Ft 1390 Ft
Belvedere 1145 Ft 2290 Ft


Jagermaister690 Ft1380 Ft
Zwack Unicum690 Ft1380 Ft
Zwack Unicum Szilva690 Ft1380 Ft
Zwack Unicum Barista690 Ft1380 Ft
Zwack Unicum Riserva995 Ft1990 Ft
Baileys745 Ft1490 Ft
Baileys (sós karamell )845 Ft1690 Ft


Bulldog795 Ft1590 Ft
Bombay Sapphire895 Ft1790 Ft
Agárdi Chameleon1145 Ft2290 Ft
Puerto Strawberry1245 Ft2490 Ft


Apple brandy1245 Ft2490 Ft
Plum brandy1245 Ft2490 Ft
Apricot brandy1295 Ft2590 Ft
Pear brandy1295 Ft2590 Ft
Black Cherry1295 Ft2590 Ft
Muscateller1295 Ft2590 Ft
Quince1395 Ft2790 Ft
Gipsy sour cherry1395 Ft2790 Ft
Cigar Rape brandy1495 Ft2990 Ft
Árpád GingerGusto Rapsberry1295 Ft2590 Ft
 1295 Ft2590 Ft


Jack Daniels795 Ft1590 Ft
Jameson895 Ft1790 Ft
Jameson Black Barrel1045 Ft2090 Ft
Glenlivet 12 years Scotch1245 Ft2490 Ft
Nikka Days1495 Ft2990 Ft


Hennessy V.S1195 Ft2390 Ft
Remy Martin V.S.O.P1345 Ft2690 Ft
Metaxa 12*1395 Ft2790 Ft
Martell V.S.O.P1795 Ft3590 Ft


El Jimador Gold695 Ft1395 Ft
El Jimador Silver695 Ft1395 Ft

Drauft Beers





750 Ft


Hoegaarden  Wheat Beer

1750 Ft


Hoegaarden  Wheat Beer

875 Ft


Belle-Vue     Cherry Beer(

1750 Ft


Belle-Vue     Cherry Beer

875 Ft



Bottle Beers

Borsodi „Mester”950 Ft (0,50 üveg) 
Stella Artois990 Ft (0,50 üveg) 
Stella Artois alcohol free950 Ft (0,33 üveg) 
Clausthaler Limone alcohol free890 Ft (0,33 üveg) 
Staropramen Dark1190 Ft (0,50 üveg) 
Erdinger alcohol free ( Wheat Beer )1350 Ft (0,50 üveg) 

Homemade Lemonades

 0,4 l 
Lemonade Classic 1590 Ft
Elderflower 1590 Ft
Mango 1590 Ft
Green Apple 1590 Ft
Red Grapes 1590 Ft
Watermelon 1590 Ft
Violet-Raspberry-Srawberry 1790 Ft

Sugarfree Lemonades

 0,4 l 
Mangó 1590 Ft
Rasberry 1590 Ft


 0,25 l 
Coca-cola 725 Ft
Coca-cola Zero 725 Ft
Fanta  – Orange 725 Ft
Sprite Zero 725 Ft
Kinley Tonic 725 Ft
Kinley – Ginger 725 Ft

Ice tea

Fuzetea  – Lemon0,25l725 Ft
Fuzetea – Peach0,25l725 Ft


 0,25 l 
Cappy  – Apple 785 Ft
Cappy  – Pear 785 Ft
Cappy – Orange 785 Ft
Cappy  – Peach 785 Ft


Naturaqua  – with gas0,33l625 Ft
Naturaqua – without gas0,33l625 Ft
Naturaqua – with gas0,75l1350 Ft
Naturaqua – without gas0,75l1350 Ft

Coffees illy

Espresso725 Ft
Long coffee750 Ft
Macchiato790 Ft
Capuccino850 Ft
Caffe latte990 Ft
Melange1090 Ft
Ice coffee ( with vanilla ice )1590 Ft
Irish coffee (4 cl Jameson)2750 Ft
Warm tea850 Ft
Hot chocolate890 Ft
Alternatíve milk (0,1 l)200 Ft